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The people who make up Compton Guitar have a deep passion for music. We have seen diverse group of artists in a variety of venues over 30 years. Our enjoyment in and around music has been the driving force behind our desire to find a way to participate in the industry. One of the aspects of music that we always found fascinating and sometimes mesmerizing was the incredible ability of the various guitarists of the bands we enjoyed going to see. We looked at our skills; working with our hands and finding satisfaction when a project is finally completed was something we loved to do. Once we identified those two points, we decided to build custom guitars and refinish guitars as a way to participate in the music industry. We would start by taking blank bodies and necks, building them with our own personal touch or to the specifications of our customers. Our hope is to create our own true Compton Guitar. We also found that taking guitars that  have seen better days and refinishing them, not necessarily back to what they were but creating a “one of a kind” style was not only fun but helped in our building acumen. It is through this web site that we are able to share our love of creating these one of a kind works of art. We hope you find them as much fun to play as we do building them.

Our intention is to allow the viewer/customer to follow along with the building of each guitar by blogging the progress as it moves through each stage of the process. Finally the illustration of the build as well as illustrations of the completed guitar will be available to review for each guitar prior to purchase. We welcome any requests to “alter” or “add to” the guitars in process. From electronics to color we will do our best to implement any alterations requested by anyone looking to add their own touch to the build. We will also build requests from folks who want to design their own build from start to finish. 

Our commitment to providing a beautiful, well built and quality sounding electric guitar is our primary focus. We are not luthiers, we are just doing what we love to do. We guarantee you will receive a clear sounding, playable guitar that will look like a work of art. We will back the guitar for 10 days after delivery for any issues that occur from the delivery process.

As previously stated, Compton Guitars not only wants to participate in the industry but would love to contribute to it as as well. With the support of Bobby Lanza,” The Sound of Compton Guitars”, we are working to create a design that is unique to the industry. We hope to leverage Bobby’s tremendous wisdom, his sharp ear and playing skills to help bring forward a prototype that will stand on its own in this highly competitive market. When all of the people involved with Compton Guitar are in agreement to the look, sound and feel of the prototype will we bring out what we will consider a true Compton Guitar.

We know that moving forward will be a tremendous learning experience; both administratively and technically. Because of this realization, we encourage folks to participate in the process by giving suggestions or criticisms that will help us become better at what we do. Our builds include commentary in places where decisions had to be made and considerations taken to make them. Our hope is to share in the build and illustrate how the guitar came to look the way it does.

Compton Guitar is very excited to share their experience with those of you that humble us by making the web site one of your stops during the day. It will be posted on a regular basis with informational snippets that we find relevant to the music business and photographs of each build as it moves through the process.


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Compton Guitar, LLC


Robert Compton

Founder and CEO