Cumberland Blues

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Build #6

This Telecaster body was a custom build. Bobby Lanza and I talked about some of the characteristics he would like to incorporate into the guitar. First he was concerned about the weight. In an effort to try and reduce the final weight of the guitar I chose to rout the back edge of the guitar with a 1/4″ round over. It softened the square block look of the body and removed some weight. The customization that was the more challenging was when he brought over two single coil pick ups that came out of his old tele . He knew the cut of the guitar was for two humbuckers but thought it would not be a problem to change direction. I had to adapt the body to the two single coil pick ups and cover the humbucker cut outs at the same time. At the end of the day the solution was simple but getting there took a little time to see. I thought about many different materials to use to make the covers from scratch. I considered Ebony and other exotic woods but it would take too much time to create. I ended up using pick guard material for a semi hollow guitar and it worked perfectly and looked good with the color scheme. I mounted the custom pick guard, the electronics put on the neck and all it needed was to be strung and soldered. The pictures on the left are one of the final shots. See more…

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