Mr. Charlie

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Build #8

Mr. Charlie was a build that was picked by the customer from a handful of bodies that I had already put color on. He chose the LP Style body with the color called Burning Sun from the color choices that WudTone made available. Unknowingly, a friend from high school was following my site. One afternoon in October I received a call from him praising my site and he wanted me to build a guitar for his 21 year old son. After choosing the body style and color I walked him through the site to show him how he could follow the build. The guitar was his Christmas and Birthday present and it was mailed to him in Indiana a few days after the new year. He was so impressed that he wrote a complimentary response  , some of which is quoted on the home page of this site. We are humbled by his praise. Thanks Charlie!


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    When I first got word that I was getting a custom guitar made by Compton Guitars, I was absolutely thrilled. I had no idea that I was going to be along for the whole ride. I was given updates and was able to follow every step in the building process. Compton Guitars did a phenomenal job making me feel like the guitar that was built for me, was genuinely built just for me. When the guitar came in, thrilled was an understatement. I was ecstatic to run to my room, plug er in, and let er rip. When I picked at the first string, it was love at first note. The first few nights I had Mr. Charlie, I found myself looking at the time to see that it was 5 in the morning and I haven’t taken my eyes off of it once. If everybody wasn’t sleeping I would’ve been just as lost in the music while playing. I cannot thank Robert Compton and everybody at Compton Guitars enough for this overwhelmingly amazing feeling I get every time I see/play Mr. Charlie. I know for a fact, that when my bank account and I are ready to add to my guitar collection, I am going right back to Compton Guitars.

    A very happy customer,

    Charlie Rebholz

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