The Dire Wolf

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Build #2

Once the first build was complete, about a month later I wanted to build another, so I began looking for an opportunity. One of my friends knowing what I was doing stopped by one day and he gave me an old guitar that has seen better days, it was in parts. I gladly took the guitar and now I had build number two. I also learned that I could bring a guitar back to life. See Gallery:

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This is the completion of my second and I was hooked. Once the guitars are done I take them to my instructor, Mike. He makes sure they are set up properly and does the wiring. However I will teach myself how to wire eventually. Bringing the guitar to “Mike”gives me the comfort of knowing the guitar is complete and in working order. Even when I do the wiring myself, I will always end the build with his approval and set up to ensure sustain and intonation. Mike has over 40 years of wisdom playing and building guitars.


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